• Revenue R12 billion, down 2%
  • HEPS* of 1 730 cents, up 42%
  • Net operating profit R2.4 billion, down 24%
  • AEPS** of 2 589 cents, up 104%
  • Interim dividend of 864 cents per share, up 334 cents per share
  • Cash generated by operations at R3.2 billion, down 18%
  • Cash from disposals of Tronox investments of R5 billion
  • Special dividend of 897 cents per share


  • R2.7 billion post-tax equity-accounted income
  • R2.7 billion, Exxaro’s share of dividend declared for 1H19

Value distribution 1H19 (R million)

Value distribution 1H18 (R million)

  • Salaries, wages and benefits
  • Employees' tax
  • Payments to government: taxation contribution
  • Cost of finance
  • Cash dividend paid
  • Dividend paid to BEE Parties
  • Community investments and volunteerism
*   Headline earnings per share
**   Attributable earnings per share

Please refer to the inside back cover for an explanation of the acronyms used throughout this booklet.