Exxaro Resource limited Report Selector 2018

Report Selector

Exxaro Resources Limited Supplementary Report

Material issues for 2018

Each year, our material issues are distilled from a comprehensive process that includes internal and external stakeholder engagement combined with prudent risk management. We also show how each material issue relates to our high-level risks and affects our strategic objectives and capitals.

Material issue Elements Top 10 risk SDGs Strategy Business model Capitals Stakeholders
Key customer dependency

Domestic balance

Exports balance

  • Dependency on Eskom


Our people

Our employees

Shared value

  • Fraud and corruption



Business resilience

Business excellence

Coal: operational efficiencies

Portfolio optimisation

Business of tomorrow

Innovation and digitalisation

  • Executing business of tomorrow
  • Competition and product substitution
  • Price and currency volatility
  • Cost competitiveness of products
  • Infrastructure access and capacity

(new business)

Capital allocation - project execution

Returns to shareholders

Sustaining capital (stay in business)

Expansion capital (growth)

  • Capital project execution

(focus on excellence)

(new business, business of tomorrow, agility and returns)



Social licence to operate

Community investment

Compliance (operations, projects)

BEE transaction

  • Maintain a social licence to operate
  • Community unrest

(strong CSI purpose)

(government, regulators)