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Consolidated Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Report

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Our consolidated Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve report

The content of this report is compiled from detailed independent reports received from appointed competent persons at our various operations and projects, and available on request from the group company secretary. The reported Coal Resources and Coal Reserves presented are therefore summarised versions of these reports.

The information in the Consolidated Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve Report (CMRR) is aligned with the JSE Listings Requirements (section 12) and includes information on reporting governance, competence, tenure, risk, liabilities, exploration and assurance as well as auxiliary descriptions of applicable projects, operations and exploration activities.

In addition, each operation and project maintains an individual competent person's report (CPR) that encapsulates the systematic and detailed estimation process conducted or supervised by that person. These reports are aligned with the checklist and guideline of the reporting and assessment criteria of the South African Code for the Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves (SAMREC 2016), and scrutinised and updated when required. Exxaro continuously examines various aspects of the Coal Resource and Coal Reserve estimation process and we have revised and aligned our reporting with the guidelines of SAMREC 2016.

Our reporting principles

Exxaro is committed to the principles of materiality, transparency and competence, and continuously strives to enhance the level of estimating and reporting of Coal Resources and Coal Reserves.

We provide all relevant information that investors and their professional advisers would reasonably require, and expect to find, to make a reasoned and balanced judgement

We provide sufficient, clear and unambiguous information

We have qualified and experienced competent persons who are subject to an enforceable professional code of ethics