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Environmental, social and governance report 2021

Chairperson's statement

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Geoffrey Qhena: Chairperson

Geoffrey Qhena Chairperson

When I was appointed to Exxaro's board on 19 April 2021, I joined a visionary company with a board dedicated to powering better lives in Africa and beyond. I thank my predecessor, Jeff van Rooyen, for the governance tone and framework he established, and look forward to working with my fellow board members who are committed to sharing their knowledge, skills and experience for the sustainability of the business.

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Using environmental stewardship principles to guide our business strategies, will strengthen our organisational resilience while ensuring a positive co-existence relationship with the natural environment.

Acknowledging the role the mining industry plays in our fragile ecosystem, we continue making progress in reducing our overall environmental impact, strengthening our organisational resilience and creating environmental smart future mining opportunities for sustainable growth.

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Everything we do today ensures a safer and more productive tomorrow.

Our sustainability is built on mutually beneficial relationships and the values we share with our stakeholders. As such, we conduct our business activities in a way that promotes development and success for us and our stakeholders, ensuring we have a holistic, positive and lasting impact on our people, communities and society at large.

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SDG 16 (peace, justice and strong institutions) seeks to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, to provide access for all, and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions – from small companies to multinationals and governments. The Exxaro board is committed to contributing positively to achieving this goal, especially through good governance.

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The executive committee

Working tirelessly to deliver on Exxaro's strategy

About Exxaro

Exxaro has two decades of experience in mining, energy and ESG.

We have a diversified asset portfolio comprising interests primarily in coal, a growing renewable energy solutions business and equity-accounted investments in ferrous (iron ore) and zinc. We have plans to invest and diversify into manganese, bauxite and copper.


R75.7 billion

at 31 December 2021

(2020: R78.6 billion)


Coal mines:







in 2021

(2020: 47.4Mt), including buy-ins of 0.2Mt (2020: 0.3Mt), reflecting contributions from our expanded flagship Grootegeluk mine

Constituent of the JSE Top 40 Index




R53.4 billion/

US$3.4 billion

in 2021

(2020: R50 billion/US$3.4 billion)

Among the top 30 in the FTSE/JSE Socially Responsible Investment Index

Measuring our performance

We benchmark our ESG performance against our peers who exhibit the global best practice expected by responsible investors.

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Strategic key performance indicators

Our KPIs are outlined in this strategic performance dashboard.

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Stakeholder management

In support of Exxaro's purpose to power better lives in Africa and beyond, we aim to improve the quality of our relationships with stakeholders and build long-term, stable and trusting relationships that facilitate business activities and create shared value for all our stakeholders.

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