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Environmental, social and governance report 2022


Our sustainability is built on mutually beneficial relationships and the values we share with our stakeholders. Our business activities aim for holistic, positive and lasting impact on our people, communities and society at large. Link icon Our Social Impact strategy guides us in delivering on our overarching Link iconSustainable Growth and Impact strategy (integrated report) so that we remain an exemplary responsible corporate citizen among our peers.

Our approach

We are driven by our responsibility to be accountable for our actions and to positively impact our people and communities. Our business activities promote socio-economic development in our communities while we strive for operational efficiency, growth and regulatory compliance.

Guided by our strategies and policies, outlined below, our commitments include endorsements of several external voluntary standards, charters and principles, including the UNGC and SDGs. We also consider the long-term perspectives of government's strategies such as the 2030 National Development Plan and integrated development plans (IDPs) of local municipalities where we operate.

Our activities align with South African mining industry regulations, and we proactively participate in industry forums such as the Minerals Council, Business Unity South Africa and Business Leadership South Africa.

We monitor legal and parliamentary processes to clarify the intent and standing of the Mining Charter III and remain committed to complying with its letter and spirit.

Our social commitments are categorised as three key focus areas in this report with each supported by specific strategies and policies:

Link icon People

Our people strategy guides our employee engagement approach, supported by the following strategies:

  • Safety strategy aiming to manage safety-related risks and prevent repeat incidents
  • Integrated health and wellness strategy addressing occupational and non-occupational health risks and their impacts on the business
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion strategy to maintain a representative leadership and workforce
  • Talent management strategy supporting capability development, new ways of working and succession planning

Link iconCommunities

Our Social Impact strategy is embedded in the objectives of our Sustainable Growth and Impact strategy:

  • The Social Impact strategy is underpinned by the three pillars: education and skills development, land use management and local economic development
  • Employee engagement and involvement is facilitated through volunteerism
  • Through extensive engagements we identify and co-create social projects with communities and strategic partners

Link icon Human rights

We have developed and published a human rights policy on the back of past human rights best practices. Our CEO pronounced our commitment to human rights (21 March 2023).

We discuss accountability and responsibility for implementing these strategies and policies, our performance during the review period, future focus areas and case studies in the following sections.

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