Exxaro Resources Limited
Environmental, social and
governance report for the year ended
31 December 2023

CEO's welcome

Building momentum and resilience for sustainable growth and impact

Welcome to our 2023 environmental, social and governance (ESG) report, which outlines the collective impact of our ESG initiatives and commitments to drive our strategy and the just transition to a carbon-neutral, sustainable future.
Dr Nombasa Tsengwa
Chief executive officer (CEO)
CEOs welcome

ESG in context

Exxaro's business activities impact our people, the environment and broader society. We have a responsibility to reduce our negative impacts, increase our positive impacts, and ultimately create mutually sustainable value for stakeholders and ourselves.

The challenges facing our macroenvironment influence how we manage our ESG impacts. These challenges include operating in South Africa (energy security, failing infrastructure, water scarcity and socio-economic development) and the mining industry (a socially and environmentally impactful industry), and being a critical supplier to South Africa's coal-based energy provider, Eskom.

Our approach to ESG is guided by our Sustainable Growth and Impact strategy, ensuring we deliver measurable results and impact considering our stakeholders' needs and concerns.


Exxaro recognises the imperative role we play in the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices – enhancing ecosystem resilience and the lives of our people and communities.


Our social approach to business is driven by our responsibility to be accountable for our actions and positively impact our people and communities – creating a holistic and lasting legacy for society.


Good governance is essential to our ability to create value. By prioritising transparency, accountability and integrity, we develop strategies that generate and preserve value while safeguarding from value erosion. This proactive stance aims to ensure that every decision is a step towards reinforcing stakeholder trust and powering a more sustainable future.

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Building momentum and resilience for sustainable growth and impact
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